Self Serve Menu (For your comfort when cold, bays have garage doors down/Quarters, $1 Coins & Visa/Mastercard/Discover accepted)

Tire, Wheel & Engine Cleaner

Pleasing green color with scent!

BUGOFF (Summer)

Use BUGOFF! Removes Bugs! Works Great!

MAG AWAY (Winter)

Use MAG AWAY! Removes winter road chemicals and salt! (Click on Vehicle Care Notice)


A great product for prepping the vehicle!

High Pressure Wash/Soap

This makes your washing experience easier!

Foam Brush

Use Hog's Hair Foam Brush! Super Soft!

High Pressure Rinse

FYI: All the water at North Creek Car Wash is soft!

Tri Gloss

Use Tri Gloss! Bring back that showroom shine!

Clear Coat

Apply Clear Coat for added protection!

Spot-Free Rinse

FYI: Spot free water is made by reverse osmosis which eliminates minerals in water, thus reducing spotting!

Take a closer look!