Proper Self Serve Washing

Follow these steps to ensure your vehicle will look its best! You may even save some coin while you're at it.

Apply Tire, Wheel & Engine Cleaner to respective areas.

Apply BUGOFF in the summer to remove bug residue or apply MAG AWAY in the winter to remove road chemicals and salt.

Apply Pre-Soak to the entire vehicle starting at the bottom and working up. This is the most important step to breaking down dirt, resulting in a clean vehicle when finished!

Apply High Pressure Wash/Soap starting at the bottom and working up to remove loosened dirt.

Use Foam Brush to remove any leftover road grime. Hog hair brushes are the best, which are available at North Creek Car Wash. They are soft and gentle to the vehicles surface.

Rinse entire vehicle from top to bottom.

Apply Tri Gloss for protection and bring back that showroom shine.

Remove Tri Gloss solution with High Pressure Clear Coat.

Apply Spot-Free Rinse to the entire vehicle. This is the second most important step. To achieve a detailed appearance, wipe down with a Big "White" Towel or Microfiber Towel sold in the vending machine.